Passport of energy efficiency / Energy passport

Energy passport is a certificate of energy efficiency of the building and has a content and appearance in accordance with the Rulebook on the conditions, content and manner of issuing certificates for energy efficiency in buildings.

ENERGY PASSPORT shows building energy grade, allows a comparison to the energy efficiency of buildings  and is the most important indicator of energy efficiency of the building.

All existing buildings and existing apartments, which will be reconstructed, refurbished, renovated and repaired or energy efficiency refurbished must have an energy passport. All newly designed and newly constructed buildings must also have an energy passport.

ENERGY PASSPORT is an integral part of the technical documentation and is mandatory annexes to the application for issuance of use permit.
Owner who intends to sell or rent a real estate (apartment or a building), is recommended to obtain an energy passport of the real estate, because achieved energy grade of an apartment or a building has a positive effect on the market value of a real estate, that makes it attractive for rent.

Also, the energy passport contains the written recommendation of energy efficiency measures, whose implementation reduces energy consumption in the apartment or the building, and thus the monthly energy bill. Those measures increase the thermal comfort of the home or the building.

BUILDINGS AND APARTMENTS in the energy passport are classified into eight energy grades according to the energy scale of “A plus” (most energy efficient) to ‘G’ (energy worst) class.
ENERGY grade of a NEW building, expressed in the energy passport must be at least “C” or higher.
ENERGY grade of an EXISTING building or apartment, after the execution of works on reconstruction, upgrading, renovation, adaptation, remediation and rehabilitation of energy, must be improved  at least one grade.

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